Digital signage utilises software and hardware such as media players and varying video technologies to display content designed to catch the attention of an intended specific audience. The ability to display images, videos and web pages etc, gives businesses the chance to promote their offerings or messages, quickly and efficiently. For example; Restaurants can display menus; Public or communal areas may wish to relay the news, weather or local traffic and travel information; Museums or shopping centres can help the public find their way around by displaying maps etc; Travel agents or other such retail applications, may tailor the signage to display their latest offers to attract passers by. The uses are endless and being networkable means that the systems are scalable. So whether the application is for one display located in a reception area, or whether the need arises for digital signage displays to be rolled out across many locations, digital signage is able to accommodate and all the while reducing the need for advertisement displays and paper wastage, saving time and money.

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